Marching Orders


We are very excited to share the video for Editors’ new song, Marching Orders, as well as information on how you can get hold of a limited edition test pressing of the 12″ single.

As with the video for No Harm, Marching Orders continues Editors on-going artistic collaboration with our good friend Rahi Rezvani, who again directs.

The band have gifted 300 hand stamped 12″ test pressings of Marching Orders to Oxfam. These records have been randomly placed and can be found in select Oxfam stores in the UK, Germany and Belgium. All profits from these records will go straight to Oxfam! In the spirit of fairness, if you find multiple copies in your local Oxfam, please consider buying only one!

“We’ve been supporters of Oxfam’s amazing, vital work for many years, from supporting their Oxfam unwrapped campaign back in Xmas 2007, performing at Oxjam gigs and also hosting Oxfam campaigners on our tours to help raise funds and spread the word about the charity with our fans”

Tom Smith, Editors